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Pets are citizens too

You can help

If you are a Georgia resident, please take a moment and sign our petition, you can help lobby our state officials pass legislation to stop this practice all together, click here to participate.

Our Visions

Eliminate practice of domestic animal euthanizing by providing essential support to public and private organization in charge of animal welfare.

Create a system of volunteers, private and corporate donors, private & public no-kill shelters to offer public / private humane societies a means of offloading animals that are scheduled to be euthanized onto our support system.


Our system will provide life extension (aka Second Chance) via following means:

  • Partner up with no-kill Shelters
  • Help fund no-kill & kill shelters to keep these animals alive
  • Find other shelters that may have rooms and offer pet transportaion services between shelters
  • Partner up with Pet Smart & others to receive donations (food / supplies) and distribute that to shelters.
  • Partner with adoption agencies and expose the urgencies these pets face
  • Educate and create public awareness that the richest nation on earth can find to extend these pets life rather than shorten them
  • Seek legislation to outlaw this practice


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